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In our November 2023 episode of The Headquarters, EDGE Vice President of Operations, Dr. Joann Massey, sat down with Harold Collins, a dedicated public servant with a lifetime of impactful contributions to the Memphis community. As Chief Administrative Officer for Shelby County Government, Collins brings a wealth of experience, integrity, and commitment to his role. A former Memphis City Councilman, Collins advocated for vocational technology opportunities, supported community re-entry after incarceration, and championed benefits for police and firefighters.

In the episode, Collins shared insights into his various leadership roles and the profound impact of the Shelby County Government on public health, corrections, and education. He also reflected on key moments during service, including his involvement in the Christmas Parade on Elvis Presley Boulevard, the successful venture of building The Guest House at Graceland, and the pivotal vote to rebuild the Regional One Health center – an upcoming economic development project. Collins discussed intentional plans for Memphis and Shelby County neighborhoods, emphasizing opportunities in trade professions for youth.

About Harold Collins
Harold Collins, Chief Administrative Officer for Shelby County Government, is a distinguished leader with a rich history of service and commitment to the Memphis community. Serving as Memphis City Councilman and chair from 2008 to 2015, Collins advocated for vocational technology, community re-entry, and essential benefits for public safety. With a background in corrections and community engagement, Collins brings unparalleled expertise to the conversation on economic development, community empowerment, and the strategic vision needed to address challenges in Shelby County.

Don’t miss this episode for profound insights into strategic planning, community engagement, and overcoming challenges for economic development growth in Shelby County. You can listen to his insights in the full-length episode.