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In our December 2023 episode of “The Headquarters,” EDGE Vice President of Operations, Dr. Joann Massey engaged in a conversation with Dexter Muller, a stalwart in the realm of economic development in Memphis and Shelby County. Muller took us through his diverse roles, recounting the challenges and triumphs that have shaped the economic landscape of the region.

Muller delved into the inception of the first PILOT program in Shelby County, first implemented in 1973, navigating the complexities of incentives and propelling Tennessee into the economic development spotlight. Reflecting on his impactful work with the Memphis Chamber, Muller shares pride in contributing to projects with industry giants like International Paper, Gibson Guitar, William Sonoma, Nike, and Nucor Steel.

The episode explores Muller’s instrumental role in setting up the Memphis and Shelby County Community Redevelopment Agency, showcasing successful projects like Northside Square. As a 40-plus-year veteran in economic, workforce, and community development, Muller explores the intersection of social programs and the business community, emphasizing the pivotal role of partnerships in achieving meaningful impact.

About Dexter Muller
Dexter Muller, owner of Development Innovations, LLC, embarked on his urban planning journey in 1973, evolving into a 40-plus-year journey into economic, workforce, and community development. From directing the Memphis & Shelby County Office of Planning and Development for 27 years to serving as the Senior Vice President of the Greater Chamber of Memphis for 15 years, Muller has been a driving force behind transformative projects with industry titans like Gibson Guitar, International Paper, Ducks Unlimited, and more.

Explore Muller’s profound insights and wealth of experience in the full episode.