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In our inaugural episode of The Headquarters, aired in September 2023, EDGE Vice President of Operations, Dr. Joann Massey, sat down with Jim Strickland, former Mayor of Memphis, for an insightful exploration into his 16 years of overseeing economic development and city leadership. Mayor Strickland shared his perspective on the systemic challenges Memphis has faced, addressing issues like poverty and access to equitable education.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of partnerships during his tenure, he shed light on collaborations with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and entities like EDGE and the Greater Memphis Chamber. A captivating storyteller, Mayor Strickland delved into Memphis’s grit and grind, highlighting the resilience of its people through historical challenges like the yellow fever epidemic.

He reflected on significant economic development projects during his tenure, including partnerships with St. Jude, Amazon, AutoZone, and more. Additionally, the episode explores hurdles such as crime and workforce development, concluding with Mayor Strickland offering valuable advice to the new Mayor, Paul Young, on effective economic development and workforce strategies.

About Jim Strickland
Jim Strickland, an American attorney and seasoned politician, served as the 64th Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee, from 2016 to 2024. With eight years of prior experience as a city councilman, Mayor Strickland brought a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the economic development landscape. His leadership, marked by transformative projects and strategic partnerships, has left an indelible mark on Memphis’s growth trajectory.

Tune in to the full-length episode to gain a comprehensive understanding of Jim Strickland’s profound insights, Memphis’s economic journey, and the strategic initiatives that shaped the city’s growth during his impactful tenure as Mayor.