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Family Multiplex Center (1025/1029 Whitney Avenue) was approved for a $20,000 ICED Loan to help improve the exterior appearance, upgrade electrical, and install an HVAC system for three new businesses located at 1025/1029 Whitney Avenue. Family Multiplex Center is owned and operated by Mr. Steven S. Dortch, Jr., a general contractor.

The loan will help restore and redevelop the abandoned 11,203 square-foot commercial space constructed in 1958 into three separate retail spaces. Renovation of the building will help remove blight from the severely distressed area and create a retail center supported by the surrounding neighborhood. The project is supported by Steve Lockwood and the Frayser Community Development Corporation. Total qualified project costs exceed $50,000.

“Often the projects that EDGE tackles are large-scale industrial projects employing hundreds of people,” said Natasha Donerson, Economic Development Finance Committee Chair.“Being able to affect change almost immediately at the neighborhood level with projects such as the Family Multiplex Center is also quite impacting.”