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Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Due to the declarations of a State of Emergency by the President of the United States, the Governor of Tennessee, and the Mayors of both Shelby County and the City of Memphis relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic, EDGE has determined that it is necessary that the meeting be conducted by electronic or other means of communication in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, EDGE Board, EDGE staff, and those making presentations to the EDGE Board.  EDGE will conduct this virtual meeting in accordance with the State of Tennessee Governor’s Executive Order No. 16, signed by Governor Bill Lee on March 20, 2020, as extended by Orders No. 34, No. 51, and No. 60.

Instructions on how members of the public may electronically access the meeting are found at the end of this notice as well as on the EDGE website,  To make public comments concerning any agenda item, members of the public should communicate their desire to speak by emailing their name, phone number, and address to for the Port meeting and for the EDGE board meeting at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.  At the appropriate time during the meeting, those making public comments will be recognized by the chair and be allowed to speak for three minutes.

The Memphis & Shelby County Port Commission
2:30 p.m. CDT

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call
  2. COVID-19 Electronic Communication Resolution
  3. Approval of the minutes from the June 17, 2020 Meeting
  4. Set November 18, 2020 Board Meeting date
  5. Public Comments
  6. Jack Moore Resolution
  7. TVA InvestPrep Grant- Contract
  8. Approval of On-Call Engineering Contracts
  9. Watco Public Terminal Lease agreement
  10. Lhoist Sublease at Public Terminal
  11. Adjourn

Electronic Participation Instructions
Click to Join Meeting
Meeting number: 126 065 4295

Phone: 1-408-418-9388
Password: wYXyUyjp339 (99998957 from phones and video systems)

EDGE Board Meeting
3:15 p.m. CDT

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call­­­­­­­­
  2. COVID-19 Governor’s Executive Order Meeting Protocol
  3. Chairman’s Opening Comments
  4. Public Comments
  5. Election of EDGE Board Officers
  6. Approval of August 19, 2020 EDGE Board Meeting Minutes
  7. Pristex Solutions, LLC Jobs PILOT Request
  8. Arvato Digital Services LLC Expansion PILOT Request
  9. Patterson Warehouse, Inc. Jobs PILOT Amendment Request
  10. ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. Expansion PILOT Amendment Request
  11. Adjourn

EDGE Financials may be viewed here

Electronic Participation Instructions
Click to Join Meeting
Meeting number: 126 595 0902

Phone:  1-408-418-9388
Password: T2q8GxAPc3f (82784927 from phones and video systems)