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Working with the City of Memphis, the EDGE Board of Directors created a new program to help real estate developers offset the added cost of installing offline sewer storage and pumping facilities in areas with inadequate sewer capacity during normal business hours.

In parts of the City, the sanitary sewer system is at or near capacity. For new building permits, the City will require developers to install offline storage and pumping systems, so the effluent can be stored during the day and then pumped to the treatment facility during off-hours (e.g., 11 pm to 5 am) when there is available capacity.

The new Sewer Capacity Management Incentive provides a 75% abatement of City of Memphis real property taxes on the overall project, for the period of time needed to offset the cost of purchasing and installing the offline system, plus an allowance for legal and other fees (maximum of 15 years). County property taxes are not abated. Program participants must use city-certified minority/women-owned business enterprises for their overall projects in an amount at least equal to 50% of the cost to acquire and install the offline sewer storage and pumping system. Eligible projects include retail, office, industrial, distribution, tourism and hospitality, and multi-family residential developments. Owner-occupied residential projects are not eligible.

To be considered, projects must be recommended by the City of Memphis Department of Public Works.