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EDGE’s Board of Directors approved a $100,000 grant today for the Greater Whitehaven Economic Development Corporation (GWERC). This grant continues EDGE’s commitment to working with local economic development partners throughout Shelby County to promote economic development opportunities and to build economic development programming.

Beginning in 2013, EDGE has allocated funds to the six suburban chambers (Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, and Millington) as part of an effort to spur economic development Countywide. For the past few years, a percentage of the funds have been dedicated to promoting development opportunities through the Shelby County Chamber Alliance website. Additionally, grant funds were used to bolster business attraction efforts, support local small businesses, community signage, and for the production of an award-winning promotional video highlighting the benefits of living, learning, and growing businesses along the 385 corridors.

“This fund has allowed our community partners to promote the benefits of their communities in new ways, highlighting affordability, access to land, and our commercial and industrial infrastructure,” stated Reid Dulberger, President and CEO of EDGE. “This award for GWERC will offer similar opportunities for the Whitehaven community and will leverage EDGE’s long-standing partnership with the organization to further investment in one of the most accessible areas of Memphis and Shelby County.” This continues EDGE’s support of the Whitehaven community.

EDGE has awarded tax incentives, loans, and grants to 11 projects in the Whitehaven neighborhood and surrounding community. Created in 2017 as the successor to the Whitehaven Economic Development Corporation, GWERC focuses its work on the revitalization and economic growth of the Greater Whitehaven community. GWERC approach to economic development is rooted in the establishment of building broad-based alliances that stimulate financial investment and strengthen the community’s economic base by creating opportunities through residential and commercial development, fulfilling community needs for goods and services, and creating new jobs.