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As of June 29 according to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, there are an estimated 16,396 open and available jobs in the Memphis Metro area.  There are dozens of online job postings and job boards littering the Internet.  Yet, 22,999 Memphians remain unemployed.  MemphisWorks, developed by the Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce (GMACWorkforce), hopes to help bridge this employment gap.  MemphisWorks, an interactive digital career counselor and web-based application, is designed to connect job seekers with career exploration and employers with job seekers.  MemphisWorks simplifies a great deal of the mystery around where the good jobs are located, which companies have those jobs, and what skill sets those companies are searching for.

Additionally, through MemphisWorks, users can view nearly 1,000 job card videos that feature real Memphians in those actual jobs.  The job cards demonstrate what the jobs entail and provide a bit of background about the employees, giving the job seeker a broad perspective and some inspiration.

Unlike standard online job search tools, MemphisWorks provides a more direct link between employers and potential employees.  Employers can include different testing certifications, competency badges, and online training. Job seekers can take these tests to help gauge their interest and qualifications for the positions which can help further connect them to the potential employer, inevitably moving them ahead in the applicant pool.